Awesome Black Work Tattoos by Leny Tusfey

Awesome Black Work Tattoos by Leny Tusfey

Detail, awesome shading and smooth lining: some of the rad qualities in the black work tattoos by Leny Tusfey which makes them worth sharing
Leny Tusfey aka Leny LMB Tattooer is an artist from Belgium. He specializes in black and gray illustrative tattoos. Leny Tusfey's work is a step beyond the conventional black and gray tattoos because of the work and mastery he puts in the detail of his tattoo work.
Batman tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Poseidon tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Demon on stomach, tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Check out the details on this one! Tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Brutal looking skull chieftain tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Rad concept on this stomach tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Crow and peony tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Cool demon on foot by Leny Tusfey
Reaper tattoo by Leny Tusfey
Anatomical heart with crown. Tattoo by Leny Tusfey.
All photos from Leny Tusfey.IG: @lenytusfey
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