Awesome Disney Pixar Tattoos: Monsters Inc.

Awesome Disney Pixar Tattoos: Monsters Inc.

We love these amazing Disney Pixar tattoos featuring Monsters Inc. tattoos that capture Mike and Sully as children and adult monsters!
Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc. (and prequel Monsters University) brought us the world's most lovable monsters - Mike Wazowski and James P. 'Sulley' Sullivan.

In the first movie we find ourselves in Monstropilis, at Monsters, Inc. where employees generate their city's power by scaring children and packaging their screams as energy. In Monsters University we're taken back in time and see Mike and Sully's challenges at scare school.

Films about friendship, growing up and fitting in, these fluffy and funny monsters make amazingly animated tattoos.
Mike and Sully realistic sleeve by Audie Fulfer Jr.
Sully tattoo by Audie Fulfer Jr.
Cute younger Mike by Blake Chambers, Arizona.
Mike and Sully tattoos, artist unknown, from Instagram @earthtoree.
Mike Wazowski tattoo by Instagram @encipen.
Disney Pixar tattoo. Sully and Boo tattoo by Russell Van Schaick.
Cute Sully and Boo tattoo by Instagram @ghettobrite.
Baby Sully by Hannya Jayne, UK.
Baby Sully tattoo by Heather Louise.
Disney Pixar tattoo by Paul Richards Tattoos / Monstat Paul.
Love this tattoo by Sarah K Tattoos.
The drawing Boo does for Sully, artist unknown, from Instagram @the_saiyan_princess.
Baby Mike and Sully by Vickan Tattoo.
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