Bang! 8 Intense Bullet Tattoos

Bang! 8 Intense Bullet Tattoos

Great for a little gap filler tattoo these bullet tattoos will give you some bold inspiration!
Bullet tattoos are often seen as a violent and negative tattoo but this isn't always the case. Not everyone who gets a bullet tattoo endorses and promotes guns and gun violence, bullets simply make a cool looking tattoo! A sweet choice for a little gap filler design bullet tattoos can be any shape and size you want and as realistic or imaginative as you choose. Bullet tattoos are just a cool little design that fits those awkward gaps and looks good!
Often tattooed in traditional, new school, or realism style bullet tattoos make a bold tattoo that won't disappoint. If you're after your own bullet tattoo let these daring bullet tattoos give you some awesome and intense inspiration.
Bullet Tattoo by @blastbeast
Bullet Tattoo by Daniel Chashoudian
Bullet Tattoo by Daniele Marinelli
Bullet Tattoo by Francesco Garbuggino
Bullet Tattoo by Jason Weaver
Bullet Tattoo by Mattia Kris
Bullet Tattoo by Shaun Grine
Bullet Tattoo by Victor Gonzalez
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