Best Of 2015: Niki Norberg

It's time to show the collection of our favorite realistic tattoos of 2015, made by Niki Norberg!
Hailing out of Gothenburg, Sweden- is one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the world specializing in black & grey photo realism, and he goes by the name of Niki Norberg.
With extreme attention to even the most miniscule detail and depth of field, Niki continues to turn out one soft, beautiful, black and grey masterpiece after the other. Below is a small gallery of some of his most unbelievable work from 2015, and man was it difficult to choose from!
Rock & Roll Themed Sleeve
Niki Norberg
Religious Sleeve
Beautiful, Realistic Eye Tattoo
Niki Norberg
Stunning Backpiece made by Niki Nornerg
Little Booty Polaroid
Soft B&G Statue & Wings
Niki Norberg