Bodyshockers: Extremely Painful Sub-dermal Skull Implant

A wife from Birmingham gives her husband the “best anniversary gift ever”—an extremely painful sub-dermal skull implant.
Bodyshockers/Channel 4
Meet Lee Hodgson, a 41-year-old body modifications enthusiast who recently celebrated his wedding anniversary with his wife, Stephanie and Channel 4's Bodyshockers. This year, Stephanie gave Lee a wedding anniversary present that you normally won't see in your local hardware or at Tesco. Stephanie gave Lee a surprise appointment with a body modification artist.
And Channel 4's Bodyshockers got it all on tape. And record it they did—all the gory parts included!
Bodyshockers/Channel 4
It's nothing new to the Birmingham-based couple, though. For Stephanie's 22nd birthday, Lee got her a neck tattoo and a chest piece for her 24th. Nothing less to expect from a couple who recreated Tim Burton's Corpse Bride for their actual wedding. But really though, this sub-dermal implant thing is something from a whole different level for these two body mods-crazy lovebirds. You'll find out soon why.
Bodyshockers/Channel 4
Take note that getting sub-dermal implants is way more rigorous than getting tattoos despite being just as risky. They're a shit ton more painful, too.
“Absolutely the best present ever,” says Lee right after the procedure. Catch him on Bodyshockers!