Bold and Beautiful Tattooed Lady Tattoos by Guen Douglas

These badass tattooed lady tattoos are works of the talented & beautiful Miss Guen Douglas.
For tattoo lovers such as we are, women with tattoos are a plus.... and the same goes with tattoos of tattooed! They look so badass!
Guen's love for tattoos began when she started collecting tattoos on her own skin. Since then, she decided to immerse her life in the world of tattooing & found an apprenticeship.
And now she does these beautiful tattooed ladies to grace the tattoo world with her unique & whimsical talent
Guen Douglas on designing tattoos: "It's nice to have guidelines, naturally, but I think having an open mind is the best way to getting a great tattoo out of any tattooer."
Would love to get a tattoo from her someday. Would ya? :-D
To see more of Guen Douglas' works, follow her on instagram: @GuenDouglas or catch her gigs on her website:
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