Bold And Warm Traditional Tattoos By Bob Geerts

Bold And Warm Traditional Tattoos By Bob Geerts

Warm colors and heavy blacks are what make these tattoos by Bob Geerts look solid and bold!
Bob Geerts is a tattoo artist that works at Bunker Tattoo, in the Netherlands. He specializes in bold, solid traditional style tattoos. Bob Geerts' use of color is usually towards the warm palette: red and brown. He is definitely a passionate tattoo artist with a creative mind who enjoys the magic of tattooing.
All photos are taken from his Instagram account.
Bizarre gentleman and snake tattoo
Native girl head tattoo
Deer tattoo by Bob Geerts
Solid cat and scorpion tattoo
Skull and rose tattoo
Brutal looking stomach tattoo
Cool black wolf head tattoo
Awesome girl head shoulder tattoo
Wolf head hand tattoo
Solid chest tattoo
Butterfly and rose tattoo
Detail of traditional style tattoo
To all his fans all around the world, here is a short video of Bob explaining his passion for tattoo art. (PS: The video content is in Dutch only)
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