Catch the Buzz of the Mash-Up Tattoo Style Movement

Let the mash-up tattoo style take over and get your skin splashed with every flavor of ink with artists like Yogi Barrett and Zack Singer!
by Rafael Makarov
Last year, we've seen a string of tattoo styles emerge in the scene which gave tattoo fans and collectors a wider range of styles to choose from. It also gave willing tattoo artists a variation of techniques and inspiration to learn from and expand their knowledge. But recently, we got caught in what might be the newest tattoo craze this year onto the next...
Realistic skull and classic rose tattoo by Varo
It's this mash-up tattoo style which involves mixing two or more tattoo styles in one piece to emphasize whatever there is to emphasize in the whole theme or to simply enhance it and keep things interesting.
by Yogi Barrett
One of the most notable names in this emerging style is John “Yogi” Barrett of Centerville, Georgia. Yogi is known for his traditional American tattoo style and hyperrealism blends which makes up for some pretty interesting-looking tattoos.
by Varo
Asians aren't ones to be left behind as South Korean tattooer, Varo leads the pack with his solid, Neo traditional pieces experimented with blackwork, traditional American style, and color realism.
Fantasy has run wild in this piece by Zack Singer
A personal favorite of mine is Zack Singer, also a dominantly Neo traditional style tattoo artist who often plays with basic geometric figures, 3D accents and dotwork.
by Rafael Makarov
Finally, we have Rafael Makarov, a Polish tattooer who caught our attention a while back with his wildly eclectic pieces featuring portraits of historic icons like Nikola Tesla and celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson. He likes to play with a palette of contemporary art styles and bright colors, creating lovely and peculiar piece nothing short of brill.
Realistic animals featuring a solid frames in colorful traditional style by Yogi Barrett
by Varo
Another epic mash-up tattoo by Yogi Barrett
Crazy cool and colorful one by Rafael Makarov
by Zack Singer
Mash-up tattoo by Zack Singer
by Yogi Barrett
Things are looking up for 2016, don't you think?