Celebrities Doing It Right: 10 Tattooed Singers We Love

Celebrities Doing It Right: 10 Tattooed Singers We Love

We love these tattooed singers who are restoring our faith in Hollywood with their tattoos done only by the best of the tattoo scene.
As we all know, celebrities aren't known for getting the finest tattoos. It still bothers me. But we're thrilled to see decent work on many singers we enjoy listening to. I mean, it shouldn't be much of a big deal but the world will be a less cringe-worthy to live in if the people we see on the headlines everyday aren't showing off shitty tattoos. Now, isn't it much better when celebrities actually spend their cash on something nice?
1. Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez's collection of kawaiicore tattoos
We are head over heels for Melanie and her kawaiicore tattoos! The singer seems to have taken a liking to pastel trads in designs featuring cute things.
2. Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars shows off his “Pete's Boy” tattoo as tribute to his father, Peter Hernandez.
The “Uptown Funk” singer has a penchant for solid, Traditional American style pieces.
3. Rita Ora
Showing off her sexy black and greys.
The sexy singer and actress sure does love her black and grey pieces.
4. Lights
She “lights” up our world.
Geek love.
This tattooed mom is rocking it with tattoo tributes to her geek obsessions like World of Warcraft and Wonder Woman.
5. Hayley Williams of Paramore
Dem neo-trads.
Hayley Williams was like the crush of every teenage boy who listens to alt-rock back in the late 2000s. She's grown a lot since then and gotten a lot more tattoos to mark her milestones and memories.
Many of them are plain, solid pieces and some in neo trad.
6. John Mayer
Photo by Patty Keigan
His body sure is a wonderland. We're totally talking about his irezumi-inspired sleeve so, please.
7. Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis
Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis/Instagram
Daniel Day-Lewis' son may have not actually followed his footsteps into acting and went to pursue a music career instead but he sure took after his father and his obsession with tattoos!
Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis/Instagram
The young singer made us all hot and bothered with the photos he posts on Instagram where a shirt isn't necessary. This is what we were talking about, mates.
8. Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood
What a canvas.
The Neighbourhood's Jesse is one of the many celebrities who trusted LA-based tattoo artist Dr. Woo for his body art. Check out that chest piece.
9. Matt Healy of The 1975
Photo by Jerry Wofford
Matt Healy of The 1975
Matt Healy is the perfect manic pixie dream boy. That lovely face and equally lovely voice of his is given justice by his array of striking designs tastefully placed on choice spots.
10. Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse, the one and only.
Now, last but definitely not the least, let's give it up for the late Amy Winehouse. The late jazz singer is known for her self-destructive ways and her rowdy night outs. But as wrecking and wild as she was, we can't deny that she was amazing once you give her the mic on stage. We also remember her penchant for traditional American style tattoos scattered in her arms whenever she was spotted stepping out in the strapless dresses she loved so much.
Long live, the lioness.
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