Celebrities With Inked Butts!

Celebrities With Inked Butts!

Most of them may come as a shock, but these celebrities have inked butts! (Cover: Splash)
They try to hide it, but at some point the tattoo pops out and we see the majesty of these inked butts of our favorite celebrities.
Rihanna has a nice little inscription in Tibetan saying "love" right above her left cheek. via lifeandstylemag.com
Cheryl Cole's huge flower piece from the middle of her back all the way to her upper thighs. via lifeandstylemag.com
Cher and her infamous butt tattoo of butterflies amongst flowers via lifeandstylemag.com
She done after Sonny and her broke up, on her words: "Because good girls don't get tattoos like this" via instagram
The singer Cassie Ventura flashed her "Made From Love" live on a tv show! via getty images
Adrienne Bailon had her ex's name ink on her bum, but had it removed on the show EXTRA
Juliette Lewis has a colourful tattoo on top of her right butt cheek via lifeandstylemag.com
Azealia Banks has a 7 on the left tush! via universal music
Halle Berry had her ex’s name David Justice tattooed on her butt but she covered it with a sunflower tattoo. She never lets anyone see her inked butt, however, there's a scene in the film “Monster’s Ball” where you can catch a glimpse of it!
Halle Berry always hiding her inked butt via getty images
You can glimpse at the Halle Berry's Sunflower butt tattoo, Monster Ball stillframe
Legendary actress Judi Dench often jokes having a tattoo on her butt in honour of the legendary Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, written “JD loves HW”, for helping out in the beginning of her career. Last year the producer revealed at a TV show that the joke is true! But no proof was shown.
Judi Dench and Harvey Weinstein, or should I say JD loves HW?
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