Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert Has Some Sick Tattoo Game!

Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert Has Some Sick Tattoo Game!

The NBA is filled with heavily tattooed players and Iman Shumpert has some of the best body art of them all!
Cleveland Cavaliers player Iman Shumpert has recently returned to the court after three months out through injury, returning off the bench and scoring 14 points in the process Shumpert certainly began his comeback in style. It also gave us tattoo fans a look at some of the NBA's best body art. Covering his arms, chest and back Shumpert sports awesome ink that'll impress any tattoo enthusiast.
Shumpert Certainly Announced His Return!
A Glimpse Of Shumpert's Awesome Ink Collection!
A significant influence and theme of Shumpert's tattoos is his upbringing and journey in life. His favorite tattoo is one of Chicago's Green Line system which is a tribute/reminder of the train he would ride during his childhood.
Shumpert Is Featured In January's Inked Magazine!
A Key Part Of Shumpert's Tattoos Are The Positioning Of Them
Not just content with his tattoos being meaningful the placement of the them has to be just right, or more specifically they have to look good for game time. Yep, a big part of Shumpert's tattoo placement is based off of where they sit under a basketball jersey.
"A lot of the positioning of my tattoos are so they look good when I'm wearing my jersey," 
Still Plenty Of Room For More Artwork!
Can't Beat A Bit Of Lettering!
Now back in action we will surely be seeing a lot more of Shumpert's tattoos and don't be surprised to see him adding to his collection and taking his tattoo game even further!!
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