Cool And Colourful Starfish Tattoos

Cool And Colourful Starfish Tattoos

Travel under the sea with these bright and colourful starfish tattoos!
We love all creatures of the earth, and those under the sea especially make shockingly bright and vivid tattoos.
There are about 1,500 different species of starfish underwater and they can be found as deep as 20,000 feet below the surface. But you don't need your scuba gear to admire these funky, fierce little star-shaped dudes!
Colourful starfish tattoo by Chelsea Soto.
Love the colours in this starfish by Teague Mullen.
Elbow starfish by Paula Castle, UK.
Bold lines and nice blues in this little chap by Caroline Beet.
Peach the starfish from Disney's Finding Nemo! Tattoo by Noelle Lamonica.
Loads of details in this starfish sleeve by Michelle Maddison, Edinburgh, UK.
Watercolour starfish on the elbow by Johnny Kelly.
Had to throw Patrick Star in there - our favourite starfish! By Shane Boulger.
Seahorse and starfish by Coire Welch.
Wow, amazingly colourful neck starfish mandala by Katie Shocrylas, Vancouver, Canada.
Cute blue starfish tattoo by Jordan Phillips.
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