Cool Neo-Traditional Ladies By Jack Goks Pearce

Cool Neo-Traditional Ladies By Jack Goks Pearce

Neo-traditional beauties with a modern twist by Jack Goks Pearce reflect humor, joy and refinement.
Jack "Goks" Pearce is a tattoo artist and a tattoo collector. Growing up with a fascination for ink, the young London based artist soon developed abilities for art. Starting tattooing in 2010, he quickly discovered his weakness for neo traditional style, making it his own with cool personal twists. Jack Goks Pearce is creating very dynamic pieces, controlling colors, dimensions and elements of portraiture with skills. His tattoos of young ladies are especially awesome, using the grace of neo traditional and teaming it with some modern elements such as gamers and gangsta references. Full of humor, joy and refinement, the tattoos of Goks are worth the look. If you love neo trad beauties (but also many other creative tattoo designs), be sure to know the work of Jack Goks Pearce from famous shop Cloak and Dagger. Check his Instagram.
Inspired by a popular photography.
Thug life...
Badass pirate tattoo by Jack Goks Pearce!
Good looking jogger.
Cute Knicks fan.
Another pirate.
Great colors!
Lovely gamer girl tattoo by Jack Goks Pearce!
Day of the Dead La Catrina.
What a cutie...
Beware of the Chef!
Gorgeous neo-traditional lady.
Tattooed Virgin Mary?
Another popular photography reference.
Wicked Schemes...
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