Cool Realistic Tattoos By Bolo Art Tattoo

Cool Realistic Tattoos By Bolo Art Tattoo

Realism tattoo can't stop amazing us, especially when done by Bolo Art Tattoo!
Guzman Perez is the man behind the name of Bolo Art Tattoo. This Cuban tattoo artist settled in Miami is mastering colored and black and grey realism. Objects, animals, reference to popular culture such as movies and indeed portraits of gorgeous women, Perez is able to give them all a real spark of life. With vivid colors and glamourous compositions, Bolo Art Tattoo is an artist you definitely need to follow. Don't miss the ink wonders he creates and click on his Facebook and Instagram links!
Amazing horror piece.
Gorgeous black and grey lion by Bolo Art Tattoo.
Breath-taking female portrait tattoo
Tattoo with a vibrant design.
Rad portrait tattoo.
Cosmic tattoo by Bolo Art Tattoo.
Lovely masked beauty tattoo
Awesome Alice in Wonderland tattoo design.
Amazing tattoo by Bolo Art Tattoo.
Enticing game of shadows.
Great rose hand tattoo.
Chess lust...
Kung Fu Panda!
Rad Scarface tribute.
Bola Art Tattoo at work.
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