Dark Black And Grey Realism By Eliot Kohek

Dark Black And Grey Realism By Eliot Kohek

Get your daily dose of skulls and dark realism with the tattoos of Eliot Kohek.
One of the young talents at Overkame collective is Eliot Kohek, a tattoo artist based near Annecy, France. Owner of the tattoo studio Body Luxe, he specializes in the black and grey realism, with a serious obsession for dark subjects. He is starting adding colors to his designs, but keeping in mind the idea of macabre beauty. If you are thrilled by gloomy skulls and dark ladies, you will certainly enjoy the portfolio of the young Eliot Kohek...
Eliot Kohek is obsessed by skulls.
Badass piece.
Intense Viking tattoo. Grey realism By Eliot Kohek
The Death and the Maiden.
Tribute to Paris in beautiful grey realism
Another breath-taking skull...
Freaky beauty. By Eliot Kohek
Exquisite piece. By Eliot Kohek
Macabre violin player.
Using red ink adds some drama...
Collecting skulls...
Beautiful tiger. By Eliot Kohek
Exquisite Venetian mask.
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