Dark Illustrative Tattoos Of Jenzie

Dark Illustrative Tattoos Of Jenzie

Story-telling and dark linework: welcome to the fascinating world of the awesome Belgian tattoo artist Jenzie!
Jenzie (also spelled Jen Zie) is a tattoo artist based in Bruges, a city of Belgium in the One Way Ticket tattoo studio. She also worked at worldwide famous graphic tattoo studio La Boucherie Moderne. Her style certainly resembles to the tattoo art of another talented lady, Néa Nahon. But the work of Jenzie is peculiar, mixing Art Nouveau, surrealism and dark fantasy. Her designs are full of mysterious stories, from neo traditional aesthetics to artistic and raw sketch style. Haunting creatures, sacred animals and mystic femmes fatales are parts of a gorgeous world where tattoo collectors are craving to visit. Take a look at her Instagram page.
Gloomy mermaid.
Freakin' beautiful!
Nice thigh pieces.
A better view of the female one.
Voodoo priestess.
Spirit animal warrior.
Pure beauty.
Mystic fox.
Using colors for an epic Muerte lady!
Poetic tree.
Lovely foot tattoo.
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