Derrick Hooper's Bold Traditional Solid Tattoos

Derrick Hooper's awesome tattoo work is both bold and bizarre! Check out these awesome tattoos!
Derrick Hooper, or DHOOP as he refers to himself, is a tattooer from Nashville who does awesome slick tradtional tattoos with a twist of his own. His tattoo work is obviously influenced by the classics, yet he manages to put his own style into it. The subject matter of Derrick Hooper's tattoos are fun, dark, classic and the technical application of each tattoo is clean and solid.
Skull girl head morph, tattoo by Derrick Hooper
Biker reaper tattoo by Derrick Hooper
Skull chieftain by Derrick Hooper.
Cool composition. Tattoo by Derrick Hooper.
Awesome concept. Tattoo by Derrick Hooper.
Zombified girl tattoo by Derrick Hooper
Awesome old school dragon head by Derrick Hooper
Cool hand tattoo by Derrick Hooper
Girl head by Derrick hooper
Horse vs. Snake tattoo by Derrick Hooper
For more work by Derrick Hooper's - go to IG: @xdhoopx