Dzikson Wildstyle's Unique Pop Art Realism

Dzikson Wildstyle's Unique Pop Art Realism

Dzikson Wildstyle's talent for creating realism and colorful pop art hybrid designs can give you a unique idea for your next tattoo!
Polish tattoo artist Dzikson Wildstyle popped up on my Facebook newsfeed recently and I was amazed by his talent with realism tattoos. His pop-realism in ink is absolutely stunning and after exploring his Instagram account I found he had much more to offer than just stunning realness. His style mixes various techniques to give a unique twist on realism and really creates a piece of original art. Dzikson Wildstyle is a great example of how tattoo art crosses the line into fine art and is certainly an artist to watch out for.
Check out his Instagram account @dzikson_tattoos
King of the gorillas /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Unique portrait by Dzikson Wildstyle /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
He's a bad motherf.... /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Colorful and unusual rooster tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Awesome take on a Fear and Loathing tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Beautiful watercolor style portrait /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Unique crow and wolf tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Colorful child portrait tattoo by Dzikson Wildstyle /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Surreal Salvador Dali tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
The detail on this chimp is incredible and a great contrast to the simple color forms.
Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Biggie tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Gorgeous cat design tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Killer Tesla tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Kitty tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Colorful majestic elephant tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Stunning color piece /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
Gorgeous colored wolf tattoo /Photo from Instagram @dzikson_tattoos
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