Etienne Dumont: Switzerland’s Most Acclaimed Art Critic

Etienne Dumont: Switzerland’s Most Acclaimed Art Critic

You wouldn’t tell at first glance, but Etienne Dumont is one of Switzerland’s most acclaimed art critics!
Etienne Dumont has been for around 40 years as one of the best art and cultural critics of Switzerland, writing for the Tribune de Genève and working as a freelancer.
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Etienne did his first tattoo back in 1974 and his bodywork has been in progress ever since. Along with the full bodysuit, he’s got plexiglass plugs on his chin, nostrils, 70mm plugs in his earlobes, a titanium ring on his left hand and two horns in his head, which he plans to get bigger silicon implants for!
photo by Vincent Calmel
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Tattooed Etienne Dumont
Quoting him: "In the US, to justify their tattoos they often talk of spiritual quest; for me, it's just amusing". Adding: ”Being an extravagant man gives me greater freedom".
Photo by Steeve Luncker
Etienne is also an avid art collector, collecting anything from ancient drawings from 1979 to twentieth century Venetian glasses and ceramics from Geneva. Most of his collection is displayed in two Switzerland museums. When asked about why he collects art the answer is quite simple: "For the love of art, as one might read a good book, listen to good music or go to the movies!"
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If you are into body modifications and full bodysuits, don't forget to check The Tiger Lady and The Enigma!
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