Exquisite Powerful Japanese Tattoos by Kenji Shigehara

Exquisite Powerful Japanese Tattoos by Kenji Shigehara

Get your mind blown by these exquisite powerful Japanese tattoos by Kenji Shigehara!
Kenji Shigehara is a Japanese tattoo artist who specializes in classic Japanese subject matter and large scale tattooing. But he manages to put in his own flavor or should I say look into his work. The contemporary feel of his tattoos makes the classic Japanese tattoo style look more refreshed and new.
Powerful tiger tattoo in progress by Kenji Shigehara
Ryu or Dragon sleeve by Kenji Shigehara
Peony chest tattoos by Kenji Shigehara
Koi by Kenji Shigehara
Koi and sakuras. Cover up by Kenji Shigehara
Dragon chest to sleeve by Kenji Shigehara
Beautiful huge back tattoo, Kiyohime (correct me if I'm wrong) by Kenji Shigehara
Dragon Koi Kenji Shigehara
All photos from Mr. Kenji ShigeharaIG: @kenji_shigehara_yktattooWebsiteFacebook
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