Extraordinary Tattoo Realism By Matt Jordan

Extraordinary Tattoo Realism By Matt Jordan

Tattoo realism is Matt Jordan's specialty and you'll find it very difficult to find a better artist in this field!
New Zealand based tattoo artist, Matt Jordan, is excels at portrait realistic tattoos, both black and grey and color. Tattooing from Ship Shape Tattoo in Auckland, NZ, Jordan has made a name for himself as one of the finest tattoo artists on the planet and creates some of the most extraordinary realism tattoos out there. From colorful portraits of superheroes to black to grey masterpieces of religious statues, Jordan creates tattoos with incredible skill and talent.
A truly great tattoo artist Matt Jordan is someone who needs to be on your radar so be sure to follow him on Instagram. In the meantime, however, you can enjoy some of Jordan's best and boldest tattoo realism.
2Pac Tattoo by Matt Jordan
Bear Tattoo
Butterfly Tattoo by Matt Jordan
Captain America Tattoo
Chest Tattoo by Matt Jordan
Chihuahua Tattoo
Dr Dre Tattoo
Realistic Eye Tattoo
Frankensteins Monster Tattoo
Hand Tattoo by Matt Jordan
Day of the Dead Tattoo
Lizard Tattoo
R2-D2 Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Skull Tattoo
Stormtrooper Tattoo
Jim Carrey Tattoo
Tiger Tattoo
Walter White Tattoo
Wiz Khalifa Tattoo
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