EXTREME BODY ART: Gum Tattooing In Senegal

EXTREME BODY ART: Gum Tattooing In Senegal

Not everyone can handle extreme body art but if you can, make sure to watch the video that shows how gum tattooing in Senegal is done.
For the women of Senegal, West Africa, dark tattooed gums are believed to be more attractive. The tattoo accentuates the teeth, making the women's smiles brighter and more prominent. This painful custom of beautification is inherited by their ancestors, believed to also boost dental health and eliminate bad breath. Gum tattooing in Senegal is typically done to women who need help to attract men. Needles are jabbed into the gums with a black powder made of burnt oil and shea butter. If you're still interested, the tattoo costs less than 1 Euro (less than $1.50) and the nerve to make it through the session.
Gum tattooing in Senegal
Gum tattooing
Extreme body art
The finished result
Gum tattooing in Senegal
Watch the gut-wrenching video (not for the faint-hearted) where you can see how it's done. Despite their reasons, we respect different cultures of the world and their customs. It's just so uniquely strange and mind-blowing. How about you, would you dare to do the extreme?
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