Fancy Black And Grey By Dr Pepper

Fancy Black And Grey By Dr Pepper

Black and grey is refined under the needle of Dr Pepper.
His real name is Giannis Piperakis, but he is known in the trade as Dr Pepper (or Doctor Pepper). As you can trust a doctor, you can be sure Dr Pepper is going to give you the fanciest black and grey tattoos... Specializing in realism for sixteen years, this Greek tattoo artist has caught the eye of the international scene with his attention to elegant details. Based in Athens, he is also invited in many international tattoo conventions. The palette of his abilities includes portraits, fantasy designs as well as Art Nouveau and colored realistic tattoos.
Filigree portrait.
Sexy art.
Venice's mysteries...
Dapper freakshow.
Poetic irony.
Nice use of negative space.
Incredible tattoo!
Fun matching tattoos!
Charming chestpiece.
Lovely tribute.
Steampunk crow.
Cool skull.
If you want to see more of Dr Pepper's artwork, you can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.
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