Fancy Dotwork By Axel Ejsmont

Fancy Dotwork By Axel Ejsmont

Axel Ejsmont is mastering the art of elegant dotwork geometry. Prepare to be touched by her gorgeous approach of dotwork and illustration!
This Polish artist is based in Berlin, Germany. She splits her artistic life between her tattoo art activity under this pseudonym and her illustrator job under her real name of Marta Slawinska. The young woman from Warsaw is influenced by geometric patterns and abstract beauty from both ancient and contemporary arts.
Adorning bodies with delicate shades of black ad grey dots, she can explore pure ornamental designs or tell dream-like stories. Between naive art and refined sacred geometry, she is condensing the beauty of tattoo to its purest form. Axel Esjmont's tattoos are bewitching, full of poetry and emotion. They catch the eye and expend the possibilities of body art and language. Follow Axel Ejsmont on Facebook for more contemporary beauty.
Genuinely elegant.
What a sweet scene.
Spine creativity.
Poetic and artistic.
Creative and bold.
Lovely matching tattoos...
Pretty geometry.
Subtle and unique.
Original art.
Ornamental minimalism.
Geometric nature.
Dainty piece.
Cute animal.
Charming song bird.
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