Fine Artists Take On Tattoos: Jessica Harrison

This week on Fine Artists Take On Tattoos, we're taking a look at the amazing work of Jessica Harrison.
Harrison, a Scotland-based artist, explores through many mediums the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces of the human body. Working with everything from ceramics, marble and paint to digital collage- Harrison uses each material to deeply explore the relationship with our body.
While all of her art is outstanding- the body of work that I was specifically drawn to was her series of "Painted Ladies." In this collection of small sculptures, Harrison impeccably duplicated traditional, porcelain female figures- you know, like the ones your grandma has all over her dresser and shit- which would be beautiful and amazing in their own right. However, she then raised the bar even higher, and covered them in bold, traditional tattoos.Bad. Fucking. Ass.
The contrast between the soft, glossy figures and the bright, bold traditional tattoos does such an incredible job of bringing out the beauty in each- while existing so harmoniously in one perfectly contradicting piece. So sick. Take a look at Jessica Harrison's classy, heavily tattooed ladies below, and if you REALLY love them- you can buy prints of the gals here! (I already did.) Also, side note: Who else feels like buying a killer vintage ball gown and just like, sashaying around and flaunting the shit out of their tattoos now? ...I know I can't be the only one who's considering it.