Frank Carter: Savage Tattoo Artist By Day, Hardcore Singer By Night

Frank Carter: Savage Tattoo Artist By Day, Hardcore Singer By Night

Musician Frank Carter finds artistic release in both being on a stage and getting behind the tattoo machine.
A music fan from Poland travels miles to UK to get the chance to be tattooed by one of his favorite singers ever who took a break from screaming his lungs out on stage to feel a calm buzz that keeps his creative juices flowing.
The music scene and the tattoo scene have always been closely related but there aren't many known musicians who have dipped their toes, fingers rather, in tattooing. It's great to see both collide. Paweł Mączewski shares what must have been one of the coolest Mondays of his life.
Photo by David Bergman
Frank Carter is an English singer who first fronted the hardcore punk band, The Gallows and later, Pure Love. These days, he's rocking out for Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes when he's not at Sang Bleu London—home to notable tattoo artists like Maxime Buchi and Philip Yarnell.
If the name Frank Carter rings a bell and you're quite familiar with the redhead and the wiry frame, then you're well-aware of just how much of a beast the 5-foot-7 frontman is on stage. Carter hasn't gone very far away from music but the pounding he used to feel from the heavy music he used to dance on knives to is something that can now be found in a tattoo shop as he pounds ink on his clients' skin.
Music and art were some of Carter's biggest loves. Both held very special places in his heart growing up which may explain the way he turned out to be. “I’ve been around music from the beginning, but I felt in love with drawing at a very young age. When I was super young it was all I wanted to do,” he says. “I just like making things, music or art or whatever it be.”
Evil Tattoo
After all the altercations that came with leaving The Gallows and in between eventually having to let go of Pure Love, Carter channeled the emotion and energy he needed to fuel his artistic pursuits into tattooing. He made his debut at Sang Bleu London on the exact anniversary of the last Pure Love concert the band performed which made it an altogether emotional moment for him.
Frank Carter/Instagram
Carter lists classic styles from the 50's as one of his biggest inspirations in tattooing. “They are already nearly 70 years old and it’s still looking awesome,” he exclaims.
Frank Carter/Instagram
“I do not believe that in life one can be completely happy all the time – but I’m pretty fucking close to perfect right now,” the singer/tattoo artist says.
Frank Carter/Instagram
Read the whole interview here.
Photo by Andreas Laszlo Konrath
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