Gary Gootman and His Amazing Boston Bodysuit!

Gary Gootman and His Amazing Boston Bodysuit!

Gary Gootman is an everyday American expect for the fact the he has a tattoo bodysuit dedicated to Boston!!
Gary Gootman is 41 years-old and the owner of an outdoor living business in Texas. At first glance he looks like an average American, only he has an awesome tattoo bodysuit with a large part of it inspired by Boston! Gootman's bodysuit pays tribute to the city of Boston and the famous sports teams that call it home. Certainly a one of a kind tattoo!
Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, roughly 25 miles outside of Boston Gootman moved to Texas aged 20 when he got a job offer. Due to the high costs of moving and the cold winters back in Boston, Gootman has decided that Texas is now his home and is now admiring Boston from a distance, showing his Boston pride in ink. Gootman's tattoos are insane and totally awesome and you definitely feel that Boston love when looking at it.
“The back piece, I’ve got almost 150 hours on it. I met with my artist and wanted to do something a little different. He knows what I was into with the sports, so he kind of came up with this.”
“This is Larry Bird and Red Auerbach when they won the championship in ‘81.”
Boston Marathon Tattoo
“Lime green is my favorite color. I’ve got a motorcycle that’s lime green. I didn’t want to keep the sleeve skin-tone color like everyone does – I wanted to do something different – so I figured why not.”
“This was on the Absolut vodka bottle that they made for Boston talking about Fenway Park.”
“I miss the character of Boston. There’s no character in Dallas because everything is brand new, especially where we are in North Texas.”
A significant part of Gootman's Boston tattoos are inspired by the sports teams of the region such as the New England Patriots and of course the Boston Red Sox!!
Red Sox!!
Boston Red Sox!!
“Living in Texas, I want to represent Boston. That’s where I’m from and this is my way of showing it: putting it on my body.”
Gootman Loves The Patriots!!
Tom Brady Tattoo
Gootman's bodysuit also pays tribute to his family and he proudly wears the portraits of his daughters in ink!!
Gootman's Daughter Tattoos
Gootman's Tattoo Collection Is Awesome!!
What do you think of Gootman's bodysuit and its Boston theme?
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