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by Mike Brummett
With over 90k followers and 3-6k likes on each picture, this Instagram account is not only giving tribute to American cartoon's first family but also to many talented tattoo artists out there who've worked their magic on The Simpsons and gave your favorite yellow people their own twist.
Pictured, Cameron Baker.
An guy from Gold Coast, Australia named Cameron Baker is running the biggest The Simpsons tattoo account on Instagram.
Apparently, the biggest The Simpsons tattoo account on Instagram started out as a joke. “It started off as a joke between mates,” Baker says. “I got the first tattoo for myself and I started the page as some of my mates had them too.”
Now, he's responsible for sharing some of the finest and most hilarious The Simpsons tattoos on social media.
by Tyler Olson
With gems like this...
by Anrijs Straume
Or this one from dark trash realism tattoo artist Anrijs Straume.
"Love thyself" Simposons tattoo by Alex Strangler
Or sassy ones like this by Alex Strangler.
Oink Oink by Branden Martin
by Keely Rutherford
Duff beer tattoo, Artist unknown.
by seanfromtexas
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