Gorgeous Crime Writer Tara Moss Gets Birdcage And Rose Tattoo

Gorgeous Crime Writer Tara Moss Gets Birdcage And Rose Tattoo

Gorgeous and talented crime writer Tara Moss adds more ink to her rockabilly pin up look with a birdcage and rose tattoo.
The beautiful 42 year old ex model turned into a successful crime writer, Tara Moss, is no stranger to tattoos and her newest addition, a traditional style bird in an open cage and roses, is starting to make her rockabilly pin up look even more complete. The stunning blonde is more than just an ex model. The achievements she has made in her life go beyond her looks. She has finished writing her 10th book, broken news about the alleged murder of an asylum seeker on Manus Island, worked as an ambassador for UNICEF, spoken publicly about feminism, children's rights and breastfeeding; and has published ten novels. She says that each of her tattoos marks a milestone in her life and considering how much she has achieved so far, we might be seeing a lot more ink in the future.
Tara has a feather tattoo on her upper left arm. Photo cortesy of AAP Image
She has a traditional style swallow on her right shoulder
Also a portrait of Wonder Woman on he lower right shoulder, Tara is a huge fan of the vintage comics
In the photo shoot for her latest book "The Fictional Woman" Tara had her face painted with text, labels she had been called in her career
The cover for Tara's 2014 book The Fictional Woman
Tara posted this photo of her tattoo session on Instagram looking calm and relaxed in the hands of artist Megan Oliver
Tara loves the rockabilly pin-up look and she does it well!
Tara Moss - On her left arm is a traditional swallow bird
Tara will let her daughter name the bird in the open cage which might be "bluey" or "rosey"
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