Graphic Art: Tattoos By Mowgli

Graphic Art: Tattoos By Mowgli

Get your fix of graphic art with these unique looking tattoos from Mowgli.
Based in London, UK, Mowgli is an illustrator, musician and, indeed, tattoo artist. His composition, influenced by Photoshop style tattoos such as those of Xoil, are very dynamic. Mixing sacred geometry, Mehndi, old engravings, digital art and abstraction, Mowgli creates amazing conceptual tattoos. They can be seen as a beautiful chaos or a creative precision, depending on your point of view... But let the images and bodies do the talking and let us admire the work of this artist.
Complex design.
Exquisite composition.
Delicate sumi-e style.
Origami love.
Gorgeous piece.
Sacred geometry.
Cool split tattoo.
Refined piece.
Charming hand tattoo.
Music lover.
So creative.
Nice one.
You can also get more on Mowgli's Facebook and Instagram pages.
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