Henna Artist Offers Free Tattoos For Chemo Patients

A Nebraska-based artist offers free henna to women who lost their hair from chemotherapy.
by James Ann Photography
Henna artist Hollie Urbauer got into henna designs purely by chance when she picked up the craft for fun. She started out by practising on her own skin, coming up with different designs. People started noticing them and liked her works so much that they invited Hollie to do henna on their events and parties.
Things was going so good that the 39-year-old woman even managed to open her own henna salon named HennaBella which mostly offered foot or hand henna tattoos.
But it wasn’t until four years ago when a woman undergoing chemotherapy approached Hollie, asking for her henna services, that Hollie started doing Henna crowns...
by James Ann Photography
The encounter started what should become Hollie’s pride and joy—helping women who lost their hair to chemotherapy regain some of their sense of femininity through head henna tattoos. She offers her services to them for free, as most of these women’s insurances don’t cover custom wigs and treatments to help them grow they hair back. The henna stain may wear off in a couple weeks but that can’t replace the smiles she brings on these women’s faces when they see their henna crown from Hollie.
by James Ann Photography
This also hits pretty close to home for the 39-year-old henna artist as she herself lost her mother to cancer years ago. “My mom was really the inspiration for this,” Hollie tells Journal Star. “It was really scary and she was just so brave through everything she went through.”
“It’s so powerful to see the experience of someone going through a terminal illness, I just want to give back in some way,” she adds.
by James Ann Photography
Hollie recently gave 16-year-old Ava Gagner, an alopecia sufferer, her own henna crown. Alopecia is a disease most cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy get. Ava’s insurance company doesn’t cover a custom wig for her nor any treatment that will help her grow her hair back. So when Ava’s mother, Amy found out about Hollie, there was an alternative - a henna crown!
by James Ann Photography
The photos of Hallie and Ava during their henna session will be appearing on Ava’s GoFundMe which will be raising money for the teenager for her custom wig and other treatments not covered by the insurance. “I am so grateful to be able to bring a little henna-filled joy to someone who needs it,” Hollie writes on Facebook.
What a story!
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