Impeccable Beauty: The Tattoos Of Paula Castle

UK tattoo artist Paula Castle creates immaculate, flawless, bright tattoos that capture any subject matter in a loveable, fun and vivid way.
Unicorn girl tattoo by Paula Castle.
Her original designs, exceptional attention to detail and flawless technique have allowed Paula (who has been tattooing for just over 2 years) to establish herself as one of the leading female tattoo artists in the UK.

In 2016, travelling tattoo artist Paula will take on guest spots worldwide, including in America and Amsterdam.
Paula Castle guest spots 2016.
With a fast growing portfolio of gorgeous tattoos that just keep on exceeding themselves, I'm excited to see what big things the future holds for this talented lady.

Follow her on Instagram @paulacastletattoos and email for bookings.
Cat tattoo by Paula Castle.
Rose tattoo by Paula Castle.
Tattoo by Paula Castle.
Crystals - one of Paula's specialities.
Kitty tattoo by Paula Castle.
Immaculate details.
Octopus tattoo by Paula Castle.
Underboob tattoo details.
Flawless tattooing.
Gorgeous shading in this heart and flowers tattoo.
Crystal heart tattoo by Paula Castle.
Tattoo by Paula Castle.
Peach roses.
Beautiful spring bouquet by Paula Castle.