In Your Honour: 9 Foo Fighters Tattoos

In Your Honour: 9 Foo Fighters Tattoos

Let's celebrate the greatest rock band in the world with these cool Foo Fighters tattoos.
Before I begin this article I must point out, without encouraging competition, that I am the world's biggest Foo Fighter's fan. I sleep on the cold concrete outside stadiums, I have three Foos tattoos, I cry relentlessly throughout concerts. Yep. I'm THAT embarrassing person.

The truth is that artistically there are a lot of not so great Foo Fighters' tattoos out there, including the famous 'FF symbol' at dubious font thicknesses. Anyway, here are 9 of my favourites from around the web.
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One By One (2002) album artwork by Ana Cuba - I have always wanted this tattoo!
Dave Grohl portrait by the master of realism, Chris Jones.
The Pretender lyric by Courtenay Dickson.
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007) album artwork by Felipe Xavier.
A cool neo-traditional tribute tattoo to the client's father, that references the 'My Hero' music. Tattoo by David Irizarry.
Foo Fighters feather by Jackson Eberlin.
An artistic take on the Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007) album artwork by Manchester-based artist Tomm Birch (UK).
Me and my Foo friend, and our matching Foo Fighters tattoos (hi guys!).
Only Grohl Can Judge Me. Brilliant - by Matt Cooley, Manchester, UK.
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