Ink Girls Series By Dina Litovsky Is Amazing

Dina Litovsky portraits the beauty of inked female body in her Ink Girls series.
The New York City Tattoo Convention is a very crowded spot with people getting tattooed everywhere you look, but Dina took it as a Social thing: “It’s a social event, but it’s also very much for artists, [who] come from all over the world. You can just choose an artist on the spot and reserve a place in line.”
But what really caught the photographer's eye were the girls and the way they so freely displayed their ink. Nowadays, however, it's still something that women get judged by, not just because they are tattooed, but what they tattoo and especially where.
“A lot of people would stereotype girls by types of tattoos. There was this tendency to place people in a social class, or attribute character traits, depending on what kind of tattoo a person has.” She said.
For this series she makes classy portraits of selected women proudly exposing their ink, while confronting the viewer.
Even though Dina doesn’t have tattoos herself, she does love the subject, having a second series about it called Under the Needle. The pictures of that series focus on people's expressions while getting tattooed without showing the needle action!