Just Keep Swimming: Groovy Finding Nemo Tattoos

Just Keep Swimming: Groovy Finding Nemo Tattoos

Swim underwater and admire these bright and flowing Finding Nemo tattoos, featuring all of the movie's best characters.
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming...
These aren't just the ramblings of a forgetful fish, but wise words we should all live by, said by Finding Nemo's popular character Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Throughout the Disney Pixar film there are many moments where we learn how to overcome the difficulties of growing up, getting lost, and losing loved ones.
And remember, when life gets you down, just keep... getting tattoos!
Squirt, Dory and Marlin, by Ron Gray.
Dory tattoo by Alex Harris.
Dory tattoo by Hollie May, UK.
Squirt the baby turtle, by Jared Holte.
Cute Squirt the turtle by Jon Leighton.
"Ah you guys made me eek!" Pearl tattoo by Louie Munoz.
Realistic Dory tattoo by Luka Lajoie.
"You know, for a clown fish, he really isn't that funny..." Tattoo by Instagram @madridtattoos.
Tad the butterflyfish by Instagram @maxcellitattooer.
"Duuuuude..." Crush the turtle tattoo by Matthew Robinson.
"Find a happy place!" Allison Janney does the voice of Peach the starfish. Tattoo by Noelle LaMonica.
"Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!" Bruce the friendly shark, by Ruslan at @blackpearltattoo_longford.
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