Kendall Jenner's Fan-Art Matches Harry Styles' Sternum Tattoo

Kendall Jenner's Fan-Art Matches Harry Styles' Sternum Tattoo

The model posted a picture of her with a chest piece design, maybe to match her current affair?
Kendall and Harry
Kendall Jenner posted a picture on Instagram showing an edited picture of her with a flower chest piece tattoo. The location of it matches Harry Styles moth tattoo. The two are rumoured to be dating which is said to have gotten Harry's ex Taylor Swift a bit jealous!
Kendall's chest piece, picture by @tayst (instagram)
The above picture was edited and added cool tattoo designs by Tayst Design (Instagram: @tayist) who also created some cool art designs of  featuring Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani and other celebs...
Harry's moth chest piece, via Tumblr
Maybe Kendall doesn’t share the tattoo appetite that Harry does, but if she has gotten inspired to get the cool tattoo design done it would be a nice match to Harry's moth tattoo! And it wouldn't be the first time for Jenner to share a matching tattoo...
Close up on Harry's chest moth
But the model does share two matching tattoos with her Friend Hailey Baldwin and the tattoo artist Jon Boy.
Kendall's and Jon Boy's matching white dot tattoo
Kendall's and Hailey's broken heart matching tattoos, by Jon Boy
The model also shocked at Paris Fashion Week last year when she showed up with a see through dress and exposed a nipple ring!
Paris Fashion Week, when she exposed a nipple ring in a see through dress!
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