Let Us Show You The Dark Side With These Kylo Ren Tattoos

Force-defying Kylo Ren tattoos especially brought to you by The Dark Side. He's the newest anti-hero everyone will talk about.
He's the newest anti-hero everyone will be going on and on about for a couple more weeks. Depends at least on how the next Marvel movies will do on the silver screen this year. Adam Driver made a pretty good job portraying the character, though. Let's give it to him for that! He truly did not disappoint. So here's us getting all angsty and uhm, “Force-sensitive” with movies' newest intergalactic bad boy.
In a place of pride on one fan's skin with Vader himself.
Really can't go wrong with that scene stealing lightsaber.
Let's end this gloriousness with this just-as-glorious portrait by the one and only Nikko Hurtado.