Liam Payne Flashes New Hand Tattoo

Liam Payne flashed his new hand tattoo at LAX last week.
After appearing with his head shaved, maybe as a new look for 2016, Liam flashed the rose design tattoo on the top of his left hand last week at LAX.
Liam's new left hand tattoo of roses.
Close up at the roses design.
The tattoo joins his collection of cool ink, that includes: four chevron signs on his right forearm, a feather with the writings “I figured it out”, a design on his forearm that starts with indian headdress feathers with roses under it and as it reaches his hand there’s a eagle taking flight.
The four Chevron signs
The feather tattoo with the writings "I figured it out"
Liam's right arm tattoos
Liam's right hand roses and eagle tattoo
Liam's "Everything I Wanted But Nothing I'll Ever Need..." Tattoo
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