Lice For Life: Creepy Crawly Art By Simon Bethell

Lice For Life: Creepy Crawly Art By Simon Bethell

Awesome art and jewellery inspired by insects, skulls, knives and everything creepy crawly created by Simon Bethell.
Lice For Life, the brand of artist Simon Bethell, creates frighteningly beautiful art around the theme of insects.

With a love of tattoo art, Simon's illustrations are like tattoos that adhere to strong line-work and traditional imagery - these outstanding artworks show the artist's skill.

Lice & Death is the sister jewellery brand, sells handmade products inspired by the beautiful illustrations. 

Not all artwork is on paper, with many of these vivid designs finding their home on medieval, renaissance and victorian woodcut, engraving prints.

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Artwork print by Lice For Life.
Spider and skull art by Lice For Life.
Skull print - this would make an awesome tattoo.
Skull hand design by Simon Bethell.
Hand-create designs by Simon Bethell.
Skull print by Lice For Life.
Insect ring by Lice & Death.
Prints are for sale via the artist's website.
Artworks by Lice For Life.
Woodcut art in progress.
Eye Spider design.
Fly rings by Lice & Death.
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