Live Long And Prosper With These Awesome Star Trek Tattoos!

Live Long And Prosper With These Awesome Star Trek Tattoos!

Embrace your inner Trekkie with these inspired Star Trek tattoos. Enjoy!
The Original Series of Star Trek first aired in 1966 and spanned three series. What it created is one of the most followed and loved Sci-Fi franchises of all time. With 8 different series and 13 films with one in the works Star Trek is today one of the most influential sci-fi creations. From Captain Kirk to Jean Luc-Picard, from Spock to Data, Star Trek has always brought the fans much loved characters and in return the most loyal Trekkies put them on their skin!
Star Trek tattoos are the ultimate tribute to a classic sci-fi series and iconic characters. Inspired by the series most loved characters, Star Trek tattoos make for some entertaining viewing and fan fun. Bold character portraits and colorful Starship Enterprises are always a good choice of ink and these Star Trek tattoos will have you ready to live long and prosper in no time.
Spock Tattoo by Jamie Ahsan Cummins
Abstract Picard Tattoo by Daniel Baker
Captain Kirk Tattoo, artist unknown
Data Tattoo by Anthony Hampton
Traditional Star Trek Tattoo by CJ Pannell
Geordi La Forge Tattoo by Samisox
Lego Spok Tattoo by Tivis Phillips
Phaser Tattoo by Anthony G
Picard Tattoo by Melissa Valiquette
Enterprise Tattoo by Kevin Furness
Spock Tattoo by Audie Fulfer jr.
Star Trek Tattoo by Robert Portuguez
Star Trek Tattoo by Steve Oker
Star Trek Watercolor Tattoo by Dax Tattoos
Spock Tattoo by Bartek Kos
Starship Enterprise Tattoo by Adam Miller
Tattoo by Rizza Boo
Uhura Tattoo by Samantha Christina
Traditional Data Tattoo by Adam Miller
Spock Tattoo by Gooney Toons
Worf Tattoo by Nic Lynds
Starship Enterprise Tattoo by Hannah Von Farren
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