Macabre And Sensual: Death And The Maiden Tattoos

Macabre And Sensual: Death And The Maiden Tattoos

With tattooing inspired by Fine Arts, Death and the Maiden tattoos are fantastic and look great!
Death and the Maiden is a classic motif of Fine Arts, coming from the Renaissance. Paintings, engravings, poems, classic music songs as well as novels and movies, many arts have celebrated it, and tattooing is of course one of them. Half way between Romanticism and erotic art, Death and the Maiden's motif is the encounter between youth, a gorgeous woman, and our fate, a grim reaper or a skeleton, dancing or holding each other. The girl can face a skull in some variations.
Death and the Maiden tattoos are indeed associating macabre and sensuality, encouraging us to enjoy life and youth. Realistic tattoo artists are putting all their talent in those pieces, often large scale ones and wonderful masterpieces... Loving your ink with a touch of sexy and dark? Then you will be wowed by these incredible Death and the Maiden tattoos!
Example of Fine Art inspiration with this PJ Lynch's Death and the Maiden painting.
Blending the sensuality of the maiden with the macabre of the skull: ladies and gentlemen, the art of Niki Norberg.
That's a bold bodysuit by Niceguy Chris...
Epicness by Matteo Pasqualin.
Brave matching hands by Jak Connolly...
Terrific backpiece by Greg Nicholson!
WIP by Elvin Yong.
Exquisite work by Eliot Kohek.
Awesome cover-up by Alexander Pashkov!
Dark beauty by Alexander D West.
Cool skull morph by A.D. Pancho!
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