Magical Harry Potter Tattoos

Magical Harry Potter Tattoos

Enter the fantastical, magical world of Harry Potter with these striking and magical Harry Potter tattoos.
J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter novels were written almost 18 years ago, and are today, still so popular and influential.

The last four books in the fantasy series set records as the fastest-selling books in history, and the film series are the second highest-grossing of all time. 

Not surprising, therefore, that this teenage wizard has had a massive impact on many people's lives and developed a special place in the heart of Potterheads all over the world.

With themes of magic, mystery, adventure, friendship and growing up, these magical Harry Potter tattoos can stand for so much more than just images from a movie.
Quill and 'Always' (including The Sign of The Deathly Hallows) tattoo. Tattoo by Alicia Thomas (Instagram @aliciathomas_art).
Magical Hogwarts scene by Beau Redman, UK (Instagram @beautattoo).
So much to look at in this magical Harry Potter tattoo by Carly Baggins (Instagram @carlybaggins).
Hermione's Time-Turner Necklace by Ciro Hoeller (Instagram @ciroht).
Dobby tattoo by Clare La-La Lambert (Instagram @clare_lala_tattoo).
Golden Snitch and The Sign of The Deathly Hallows by Craig Brock (Instagram @craigbrocktattoo).
Golden Snitch by tattooist and Harry Potter superfan Cynthia Finch (Instagram @cyncityink).
The Dark Mark tattoo by Matthew Luettger (Instagram @holyrollertattoo).
Deathly Hallows tattoo by John Aguirre (Instagram @johnnymumbles).
Deathly Hallows tattoo by Leila_D'Amato (Instagram @leila_damato).
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