Many Beautiful Faces: The Tattoos Of 'Teen Hearts Tattoo' Studio

We can't get enough of these crazy face tattoos by Teen Hearts Tattoo.
Teen Hearts Tattoo is a private studio in Santa Ana, California. Artist Kelly creates traditional tattoos with a funky surreal twist.

From animal hybrids to contained unreal landscapes, these tattoos are truly unique and bring a whole new meaning to the traditional face / head tattoo.

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Colourful surreal face tattoo with dagger.
Skull and women's face hybrid.
UFO gentleman tattoo.
Coffin women's face tattoo by Teen Hearts Tattoo.
Surreal women's face by Teen Hearts Tattoo.
A two-headed woman tattoo.
I love the blocks of colours on the face in this tattoo.
Ship face tattoo by Teen Hearts Tattoo.
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! By Teen Hearts Tattoo.
Surreal cubist face tattoo.
Television tattoo by Teen Hearts Tattoo.
Moth and face tattoo by Teen Hearts Tattoo.