My First Tattoo Videos Episode 1: Daddy's Girl

Lauren shares the experience of her very first tattoo in this new video series! Episode 1: Daddy's Girl.
Channel 4 have followed five tattoo virgins who have finally made that decision to go and get their first tattoo.
My First Tattoo videos available on the Channel 4 website.
In Episode 1: Daddy's Girl, Lauren's just turned 18 and wants to get the full body of a lion tattooed on her thigh.

Having planned it for 5 years, Lauren wants a tattoo that shows femininity and confidence - a strong and fierce animal, she feels the lion is the perfect symbol for her first tattoo. 

The lioness is also a tribute to her dad, who has a tiger tattoo on his arm.
Lauren, aged 18, plans her first tattoo.
Watch Episode 1 of My First Tattoo: Daddy's Girl, on the Channel 4 website.
Lauren's lioness tattoo design.
Her first tattoo commences!
That moment where you feel tattoo pain for the first time - memorable!
Lauren's first tattoo in progress.
Lauren's new perfect lioness tattoo.
Lauren tells her dad about her new tattoo.