My First Tattoo Videos Episode 2: Furry Friend

Nolan shares the experience of his very first tattoo in this new video series!
Channel 4 have followed five tattoo virgins who have finally made that decision to go and get their first tattoo.
Nolan feels the pain of a tattoo for the first time!
In Episode 2: Furry Friend, Nolan is getting a tattoo that's tribute to his cat that passed away.

"He was a big part of my life and I just wanted to do a bit of justice for him," says Nolan.

A tragic story, Nolan's cat was sadly ran over, and feels glad that he's getting a tattoo to remember his best friend that was taken too soon.
Nolan chooses the right photo to use as reference for his new tattoo.
Watch Episode 2 of My First Tattoo: Furry Friend, on the Channel 4 website.
Tattoo artist Jules McCay gets Nolan's design ready.
Jules McCay is based at Sacred Fortune tattoo in Liverpool, UK.
Nolan will now have his new tattoo to look at anytime and remember his feline friend.