New Found Glory Frontman Jordan Pundik is Tattooing Again!

New Found Glory Frontman Jordan Pundik is Tattooing Again!

If you're anything like me, you were- & still are- a total fangirl (or boy) for pretty much every mid 90s-early 2000s pop punk band.
And while I could listen to almost any of those bands sing about girls, break ups, sneaking out of the house, drinking beers with their friends and playing shows in garages- one of my favorites EVER to do so has, hands down, got to be New Found Glory.
NFG back in the day, circa late 90s.
All of the dudes of NFG have always seemed so funny, likable, and not to mention insanely talented- busting out hit after hit for us to jump up and down and convulse to. They're also, you know, really dreamy. I had the pleasure of meeting them last year at one of their shows in Florida and, in true fangirl fashion, I said hello and then proceeded to tell Jordan, the lead singer, that I this day, at age 24.. have a poster of them in my room. Above my bed. And then I made a weird joke about staring at him every night before I fall asleep. It was really awkward and I wanted to die, but he laughed and made me feel not so weird. So, yeah. I appreciated that a lot. Team Jordan.
Jordan Pundik performing with NFG
Speaking of Jordan, a little known fact about him is that- in addition to being a pop punk frontman and heartthrob- he's also a super talented artist. Having always been interested in art, Pundik always doodled as well as dabbled in some logo design for various ventures- so it really wasn't that much of a surprise when he befriended tattooer Ian White who saw his potential and basically paved the way for Pundik's entrance into the tattoo world.
He says of his interest in the industry:
“I’ve always been an illustrator, and I always thought about  it [becoming a tattooist] but never had the opportunity to learn and do it."
Pundik performing with NFG
Once learning of Pundik's interest in tatttooing, White offered to take him on as his apprentice. In turn, Pundik moved himself and his family to Nashville, Tennessee to help White open his shop- Safehouse Tattoo, continued his apprenticeship and eventually began taking appointments.
One of Pundik's early tattoos
Through learning to tattoo, Pundik began to learn how to translate his illustrative style into really cool tattoos, working mainly with linework with some occasional hatch-work to create depth in his quirky designs.
An early tattoo of Pundik's
While never fully abandoning tattooing, Pundik definitely took a break- and for good reason. With the band churning out some killer new music, releasing an amazing, grown-up album and touring- his tattoo time was definitely limited. However, a couple weeks ago- Pundik dropped a bomb to his fans, posting this image to Instagram:
AHH!! Could this mean he's going to be taking appointments again!?
Yep. That's exactly what it means.
He definitely knows how to get us hyped, posting teasers like this:
.... And believe me. I have been.
So, it's official. Jordan Pundik is back in business and taking appointments. Just when you thought a guy in a band couldn't get any more attractive... He starts tattooing (again.) Goddamn. A jack of all trades, I tell ya. Swoon.
Anyways, gotta go- gotta start walking from NYC to Nashville so I can try to get a tattoo by my middle school dream man. Do you think it will help if I hold a boom box? Or will he think I just got my pop punk bands confused?! (Get it? Say Anything? Cause it's the movie with the boom box? But it's also a band? See what I did there? Ok I'll stop. Bye.)
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