No-One Does Watercolor Mandala Tattoos Like Szu-Fan

No-One Does Watercolor Mandala Tattoos Like Szu-Fan

Szu-Fan captures the true beauty of a mandala tattoo by adding unique, inventive watercolor effects!
Szu-Fan / 盧死貓 tattoos at Rule Tattoo in Taipei, Taiwan, and creates stunning watercolor mandalas.

As we've seen, watercolor tattoos are often animals, plants and shapes that have non-rigid outlines. The free-flowing style of the watercolour technique matches perfectly with subject matter that is also flexible and ever-changing.

Mandalas however, are one of the most structured, rigid and stable tattoo symbols - pure symmetry and perfect lines are what make mandalas so special and beautiful.

Tattoo artist Szu-Fan inventively mixes these two opposites - watercolor technique and mandalas, to create vibrant, colorful, original tattoos.

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Big, bold and vibrant mandala with colour shading.
Mandala artwork.
A beautiful mandala key.
One large splash of watercolor to encase this line-work mandala.
Mandala designs being drawn up.
Cat mandala tattoo by Szu-Fan.
Shoulder cover-up, multiple colorful mandalas.
Watercolor chest mandala by Szu-Fan.
The cat's tail becomes the mandala's outline in this original tattoo.
Lion mandala hybrid tattoo.
Amazing detail in this negative effect shape with colorful background.
Very creative how this mandala cuts of half-way and becomes something fluid and wave-like.
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