Poetic Blackwork Tattoos By Piotr Bemben

Poetic Blackwork Tattoos By Piotr Bemben

If you love your blackwork tattoos, both macabre and poetic, meet tattoo artist Piotr Bemben.
Piotr Bemben is one of the many talented tattoo artists of Kult Tattoo Fest, in Poland. The young artist is playing with black and grey, blackwork and dotwork to create dark and beautiful tattoos.
Inspired by fantasy and nature, he captures mysterious atmospheres full of macabre and poetic creatures with sketch style and double exposure effects. If you are obsessed by darkness and appreciates its beauty we're sure you gonna enjoy these poetic blackwork tattoos and their artist, Piotr Bemben!
La Catrina.
Full leg piece.
Great deer tattoo.
Amazing fox lady...
Clock is ticking...
Space lady.
Epic backpiece.
Spooky tale.
Odd beauty.
Cute bird.
Holy piece.
Pretty wolf tattoo.
Double exposure.
Shiny owl.
Creature of Evil.
Cosmic scene.
Another double exposure with negative space snowflake.
Mysterious portrait.
We invite you to check the Facebook and Instagram pages of Piotr Bemben.
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