Rad Old School Tattoos By Patryk Hilton

Rad Old School Tattoos By Patryk Hilton

Fans of traditional tattoos will adore the offbeat and joyful work of Patryk Hilton.
Based in Bydgoszcz, in Poland, Patryk Hilton is creating very eye-catching traditional style tattoos. Using black colors as well as fun catchy colors, the Polish tattoo artist is mixing tattoo classics with surrealism and humor. Dreamlike compositions, solid portraits sex and tribute to the stoners life are part of the attractive portfolio of Patryk Hilton. If you like fat lines, minimalistic aesthetic but also quirkiness and imagination, you will fall for the tattoos of this amazing tattoo artist. For more old school beauty, check his Facebook and Instagram accounts.
Moon and Sun's love.
Crying gold.
Own Paradise tattoo.
Cool dagger.
That's a rad wristband!
Surrealistic portrait by Patryk Hilton.
Fresh and healed.
So poetic!
Skull lady.
Square wold.
Gorgeous mystic lady by Patryk Hilton.
Pretty geometric flower.
Inner space.
Solid rose hand tattoo.
Nice chestpiece.
Charming piece.
Lovers are forever.
Stylish lady.
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