Romantic Tattoos By Magdalena Pliszka

Romantic Tattoos By Magdalena Pliszka

Magdalena Pliszka is all about charming sketch style and lovely watercolor effects, a combo that's awesome when it comes to romantic tattoos
This 24 years old tattoo artist and illustrator is based in Poland, working at the 9th Circle, a tattoo studio of Cracow, and also at the Redberry Tattoo Studio of Wroclaw. She creates romantic designs with pastel colors and sketch like tattoos inspired by nature.
Magdalena Pliszka also enjoys tattooing beautiful female portraits, adding graphic twist to neo traditional classics. You can also find her in guest spots and tattoo conventions around Europe....
Pretty composition.
Elegant crown.
Sketch style hummingbird.
Creative tattoo.
What a cutie!
Love wolf.
Flying elephant.
Gorgeous lion!
Endearing deer.
Sweet colors.
Poetic portrait.
Another great one.
Fancy cow.
Pretty horse.
Lovely photo by Paulina J. Kozlowska.
Take a look at more from Magdalena Pliszka's on Facebook and Instagram.
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